Plain Language Positions
I believe that government must be restricted to its three legitimate functions: Providing for the security of its citizens; building and maintaining a sound infrastructure, and overseeing monetary policy.   My positions on these issues and others are laid out below.
Border Security
The United States, like all sovereign nations, has an absolute right to secure its borders and forbid any foreign national to secretly enter or remain in this country.  We should not tolerate anyone refusing to obey our laws regarding proper entry into this county.  Border security, however, should not be confused with the related but separate issue of legal immigration, my position on which can also be found on here.  
Business and Economy
Except for courts to sort out the protection of lives and property, governments should keep their hands out of business.  Voluntary economic exchange is the only way; government intervention is not justified.  Further, government interference in business on behalf of some citizens at the expense of others is inherently unjust.

Consumer Protection
In principle, federal safety regulation can and should be abolished in favor of market institutions analogous to Underwriters Laboratory certification. I say restrict the FDA oversight to safety, leaving efficacy up to the marketplace.

Criminal Justice
In a free society, crimes would be limited to aggression against persons and property, including fraud.  So-called "victimless crime" laws are incompatible with liberty. Drug laws today are among the most destructive, counter-productive and anti-freedom laws on the books.

Those who wish wisely or foolishly to use drugs should be free to do so and those who wish to keep drug use off their property should similarly be free to do so.  In this regard, the choice to use or not use is should be left up to wisdom in experience, moral ethical, and scientific.

In an increasingly competitive global marketplace, it has never been more important to educate our citizens.  Unfortunately, even as education spending has soared, further burdening an already overtaxed populace, our education results continue to disappoint and lag behind those of other countries.  To reverse this dangerous trend, we need to liberate our educators from the entrenched governmental bureaucracy that has held back progress for far too long.    
Elections and Politics
If the federal and state governments were limited to its few legitimate constitutional functions, politicians would not be able to bestow favors to special interests.  Without just election processes, some politicians abuse their power and strip citizens of their inherent rights and liberties.

Environment and Energy
There should be a free market in energy without government subsidies or excessive regulation.  If energy production causes demonstrable harm the producers should be subject to civil penalties.

Foreign Policy and National Security
Foreign intervention should only occur when a case can be made that the legitimate defensive and security interests of the United States are directly involved.

Freedom of Religion
Freedom of religion must be total and unqualified in the private sector. Government should not in any way discriminate in its own policies in terms of religion, and it should also get out of areas like education where it only creates needless religious controversies

Freedom of Speech
There should be no restrictions on free speech so long as it does not cause material or physical harm to others.

Gun Rights
The private ownership and use of firearms or other weapons in a non-invasive way is fully legitimate.  Government regulation, licensing, and registration of guns should be abolished.

There should be a true free market in healthcare without government restrictions or excessive limitations.  Consumers should be able to buy health insurance across state lines, without joining a group, and in a market not distorted by government incentives or subsidies.

I believe in open immigration for all who enter peacefully, do not pose a threat and seek to contribute to our society.  I oppose any form of welfare benefits to those who entered the country illegally. 

I am a strong believer that one of the government’s primary roles is to promote and support a robust infrastructure.  Tax dollars can be appropriately spent on power projects, roadways and highways, telecommunications, water systems and many more of the “big ticket” grand projects that benefit us all.

Marriage and Family
The government should play no role in marriage.  Consenting adults should be allowed to enter into a contract of civil union protected by contract law.  If some wish to have “gay marriage” and others do not, each should be free to adopt the rules they consider appropriate so long as property rights are respected.

Medicare and Medicaid
Medicare and Medicaid, if needed at all, should be privatized.  However, allowing local communities to build a support system to directly meet these needs is a better solution.

The military should be strong and state-of-the-art.  It should be adequate to constantly defend against all enemies.  All military duty should be voluntary.  There should be no military draft.

Minimum Wage and Workers' Rights
Wages should be set by the market.  Workers should have the right to join, or not join, a union they choose without being subject to coercion of any kind.  There should be no minimum wage.

Monetary Policy
Monetary policy should be determined by Congress and the issuance of money should be strictly regulated with direct congressional oversight.  There is no role for a Federal Reserve.  A system of private clearing houses and deposit insurance offers the finest protection and competition for safety against ruinous depressions and inflation.

National Security
Protecting our personal security and defending the nation against aggression and catastrophic incidents is a legitimate constitutional power and the burden of government at all levels.
The government should not engage in tracking or surveillance of citizens without a legal warrant.  The Patriot Act should be repealed.
I am personally opposed to abortion and I would fight against any government funding of abortions.

Social Security
Social Security should be phased out entirely.  Retirement should be a personal responsibility, not an opportunity for governmental intrusion into private matters.

The income tax should be eliminated.  The alternative would be national, state and local sales taxes.  This change will include mechanisms that will protect lower income families from an excessively burdensome level of taxation.
Trade and Globalization
Unilateral free trade is the best and simplest policy.  Free trade, migration, and association are fully legitimate so long as property rights are protected in the process.
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